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We will help you in all aspects involved in locating, buying and leasing. Let us put our passion for vehicles to work for you. Tell us what vehicle you are looking for, and we will begin to find and negotiate the best deals for you!

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Save Time

Save your valuable time by letting us do all of your dealer shopping, allowing you to spend time on more meaningful things.

Save Frustration

We offer consulting to help you decide which car is right for you. Our streamlined experience will save you from having to do all of your own research! All you have to do is show up at the time of delivery to pick up your car.

Save Money

Let us do all of the work! We shop multiple dealerships to ensure the BEST price for you. We negotiate directly at the dealership management level getting the best deals from the start.


“I can’t afford to spend multiple hours away from the office. I was referred to Auto-Xpert and the process was amazingly smooth.”


“I contacted Auto-Xpert about purchasing a BMW X5. The negotiated deal was very strong and I only had to make one trip to the dealership to pick up my new car!”

Derrick T

“I wanted a new Subaru Crosstrek and Auto-Xpert was able to deliver. From my initial phone call to the time of delivery, Dom was extremely professional and saved me an additional $1,800! I will be using him again in the future.”

Jessie S

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